Lingering Thoughts About Plastic Surgery

Tyla Reid, Staff Writer

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Once upon a time there was a women. She wasn’t “skinny”. She didn’t have your flat toned belly, cellulite throughout her body, and  stretch marks. No matter who told her, she didn’t believe she was beautiful. Society told her she wasn’t good enough. They put her in a social class bubble, always known as the “thick” one, the “chubby” or “chunky” girl. Even Instagram, Magazines and Blogs caused her to shame herself. Her body wasn’t what “they” wanted it to be. Sure she could be thick, but where’s her slightly flat tummy? Cause who wants to see a pouch? So she worked hard, two jobs, day in and day out. Eventually she earned enough to make the big change.

Do you truly love the way you look? Love your skin color! Love your body! Love yourself!”

Her chest was now a double D, her stomach flat, her cellulite gone. Now she was beautiful. Just like the women in the photos. To think a few thousand dollars was all it took! The only problem was that she still didn’t feel beautiful. Even with her improved body, the feelings she had prior to the big change, still lingered. This only motivated her to try harder, to try again. Fresh out of the recovery process she went back in for a new butt, perkier breast; she looked like a model times 1,000 – the best her budget could buy. Her Instagram followers would definitely love this. And they did.

One day, she looked in the mirror. She stared at what she was now, and then she had a flashback of the days she was “chunkier”. She missed the comfort of her old body, but she couldn’t get it back. At that moment she realized no plastic surgeon, doctor, or dentist could make her beautiful. Her beauty was past her physical appearance, beyond the makeup and bundles. She allowed the world to dictate her life, her body. Her beauty was her personality, her intelligence, her smile, her attitude and dedication. That is beauty.

****Message to reader****

You are beautiful in your own way.  Your current shape that is perfectly imperfect, is perfect. In fact everything about you is. Don’t change! Be you! Only you can control you, nobody else. Anybody can tell you you’re beautiful and it’s easy to accept the compliment. The real question is, do you believe it? Do you truly love the way you look? Love your skin color! Love your body! Love yourself!

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Lingering Thoughts About Plastic Surgery