Dear Black Girl…

Teonna is a senior dance major and contributing poet to the Arts Academy News.

Teonna Wiley, Contributer

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Dear Black Girl,

Your Skin Is The Mixture Of Cocoa And Brown Sugar,

Your Blood Runs Through Your Veins

Thick Like Honey

And Your Strength Is Reflected Through Your Golden Heart

They Identify You By The Curves At Your Waist, The Attitude That Can’t Be Tamed, & The Curls That Grow From The Roots Of An Intelligent Beautiful Muse Of Melanin

They Don’t Know The Struggles You’ve Endured

You Are The One I See On The TV Screen Falling Apart Because Your Little Boy Has Been Ripped From This Earth

The One That Has A Guard Up Because Society Has Labeled You As Not Being Good Enough

You Are A Work Of Art That Was Put On This Earth To Prosper…Don’t Allow Them To Lust Over Your Assets

You’re No Minaj. You Are A Michelle.

Show Them Class Not Trash

As Your Skin Color Is What They Use To Knock You Down

But They Don’t Know That We Each Are Walking Around As A Story Book Of Our Ancestors Past

This Is Why They Can’t Handle Our Existence Because What Was Done Will Never Be Forgotten

Draw From Your Ancestral Memory

And Remember You Are A Trophy Of Chocolate Elegance.


Another Black Girl (Teonna)

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Dear Black Girl…