First Experiences Can Be Defining

Antione Holmes, Guest Contributor

I find it unbelievable how something so small can change your entire life instantly. I’ve realized that when you limit yourself, you find yourself being stuck in your ways. I’ve realized that if you don’t accept different opportunities and step out of your comfort zone then you’ll never receive your blessings. After all of the mistakes I have made in life so far, I’ve realized that if I hadn’t made those mistakes then I wouldn’t have made so many accomplishments at such a young age. 

I believe that a person can not become successful without making mistakes.”

One of the experiences that have impacted me is the HBCU tour that I went on in October of 2016. I’ve always been focused on my future and education, but it wasn’t until the end of my junior year in high school that I started to become concerned with my grades. I slacked in school because I was focused on all of the wrong things such as working, partying, girls, hanging out with the guys, etc. Towards the end of my junior year I changed my attitude, cut all negative influences out of my life, and started getting my grades back up even though I had lost all hope due to the fact that it was too late. The trip to Baltimore, Maryland was brought to my attention by my mother and I jumped at the opportunity. I paid for the trip out of pocket and the rest was history. I visited Howard University, Bowie State University, Morgan State University, and the University of D.C.

Business has always been something that i’ve been interested in. After graduating college I plan on going into real estate as an agent for a couple of years then later on in life, opening my own brokerage. I also plan on opening and managing barber shops, restaurants, and a number of other businesses of my own across the country. My main goal is to bring back life and positivity to the black community and set an example for the youth at risk. I want black owned businesses to become more prevailing than ever before. The HBCU tour has pushed toward the business field more than I already was after being exposed to a brand new environment. I met different professors, sat in brand new business workshops, and met plenty of people with the same positive mindset as me. I applied to Morgan and Bowie State and ended up getting accepted into both for their Business Administration programs after putting in the time and dedication. I couldn’t have done anything without the help of my parents. They push me everyday to be a better me and although I don’t always show my appreciation, I love them to death and I won’t disappoint them.

In conclusion, I am not proud of some of the decisions that I’ve made in the past but, I am proud of my myself for realizing my wrongs before entering the real world. Growing up as a black teenage male in the city of Buffalo, NY isn’t always easy but with the right attitude and view on life, I feel like nothing can come between you and your future.