ARTs Students Place at BPS Art Show

Tyla Reid, Staff Writer

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Two Arts Academy students were recognized for their work that was exhibited in the BPS Art Show, Seeing the Beauty of Our Heritage & Design, at the Federal Court House. Senior Digital Photography students, Jaylin Delmoral  and Ahrian Stevens, were honored for their photographs that were taken during their digital photography class taught by Ms. Rachel Lyons.

“Ms. Lyons digital photography class is so worth taking. It was one of the best classes I’ve taken at the school.” Said Ahrian Stevens, senior Media Communication Major.

City of Snow, by Ahrian Stevens

1st Place was awarded to Ahrian Stevens for her photograph, City of Snow. The judge offered these words about her piece: “For all the bad rap that Buffalo gets about being such a snowy region, for a split second I wished I were there. I imagine it would be crisp, quiet, peaceful. It helped me take a deep breath. But, how old am I standing in that place? What year is it? It’s almost timeless. It made me feel as if I were floating through the pages of a novel, looking into the window of someone else’s world. I couldn’t imagine thinking anything bad. That’s the magic of art. The ability to transport the viewer to another place. In the end, this piece exemplified the closest to Seeing the Beauty of Our Heritage & Design. It is magnificent.”


Abandoned, by Jaylin Delmoral

Jaylin Delmoral was awarded an Honorable Mention for her photograph, Abandoned. The judge offered these words about her piece: “This piece perfectly exemplifies the statement that ‘Art makes you question beyond the aesthetic.’ In other words, just because its pretty, does it qualify as good art? This piece is both eye appealing and deeply meaningful. The composition draws the viewer into this mystical path that is a complete juxtaposition to the title of Abandoned. A title can be the most difficult of finishing a work…BRAVO!”

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ARTs Students Place at BPS Art Show