If only…


October 3, 2017

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IF ONLY.... If only you knew how I felt then you wouldn't have kissed someone else, I said it was alright, but then I realized you are not that bright. I only wanted you to myself, but you craved someone el...

13 Reasons Why – by Jay Asher

Mariah Faulkner, Book Reviews

March 19, 2017

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Hannah Baker commits suicide, but before she dies she sends out a set of tapes to the 13 people she believes are responsible for her death. Clay receives the tapes and doesn't understand why he's on them. But he has to pas...

First Experiences Can Be Defining

Antione Holmes, Guest Contributor

March 19, 2017

Filed under Austen & Baudelaire, Seniors Corner

I find it unbelievable how something so small can change your entire life instantly. I've realized that when you limit yourself, you find yourself being stuck in your ways. I've realized that if you don't accept different opp...

Dear Black Girl…

Teonna Wiley, Contributer

January 17, 2017

Filed under Austen & Baudelaire

Dear Black Girl, Your Skin Is The Mixture Of Cocoa And Brown Sugar, Your Blood Runs Through Your Veins Thick Like Honey And Your Strength Is Reflected Through Your Golden Heart They Identify You By The Curves At Your Waist,...

Lingering Thoughts About Plastic Surgery

Tyla Reid, Staff Writer

February 13, 2016

Filed under Austen & Baudelaire, Opinion

Once upon a time there was a women. She wasn’t “skinny”. She didn't have your flat toned belly, cellulite throughout her body, and  stretch marks. No matter who told her, she didn't believe she was beautiful. Society told...

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